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How to successfully integrate in Brazil and Bahia in particular

Brazil is a young country in full development, still populated by the majority of people with very modest financial conditions or poor. The arrival of foreigners from the "first world" inevitably causes a feeling of differentiation. Under the name of "gringo", you will be considered rich, whether you are it or not, and this for a long time.

We therefore advise you a very humble and very modest attitude. Do not show or little of your real purchasing power. Do not believe that everything is due to the fact that you are settling in a country where you are supposed to bring wealth ... both with the Brazilians themselves and with the foreigners already integrated that you will meet on the spot.

You will need more Brazilians than they need from you.

It's you who change the environment, not them.

Never forget this, even after many years of practice.


To successfully integrate, you have to adapt!


We accompany you throughout your process.
We bring you more than 15 years of knowledge and practice of Brazil.
We save you time!

services in the region of PORTO SEGURO

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