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Services in the Region of PORTO SEGURO in BAHIA

Sell ​​your property in PORTO SEGURO in Brazil

For those who are not permanently present in Porto Seguro in Brazil, it is not easy to manage the sale of their property.

By signing a service contract, we will announce your property on our website. We will also make your property available to our local real estate agents who will be able to offer it for sale.

With the signing of a power of attorney, we will be able to carry out on your behalf all sales procedures, until the signing of the deed of sale and the realization of the return of the funds for your account, without your presence on the spot. is necessary. No sale decision (price negotiation if necessary, payment terms, return of funds, etc ...) is taken without your written consent.

We give visibility to your property and ensure a tailor-made service,
as if you were doing it yourself.


We accompany you throughout your process.
We bring you more than 15 years of knowledge and practice of Brazil.
We save you time!

services in the region of PORTO SEGURO

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