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To spend all or part of his retirement and to apply for his permanent retirement visa in Brazil

A foreigner can easily apply for a permanent retirement visa. For this he must be able to justify a retirement pension of at least the amount required, currently fixed at the equivalent of R$ 6.000,00 monthly. For the spouse, an additional R$ 2.000,00 is required, which makes a total of R$ 8.000,00 for a couple.
The application process is carried out at the Brazilian consulate in the country of origin of the applicant.
After filing the application documents, a delay of approximately 2-3 months is required for obtaining.
Once the acceptance is obtained, it is necessary to withdraw the document of this acceptance at the Brazilian Consulate where the application was filed. A delay of 5 working days is necessary in order to withdraw the previously filed passport containing the visa.
The applicant then has a period of 3 months to validate the visa in Brazil by coming there himself.
The permanent retirement visa is issued for an indefinite period.

The application and obtaining the permanent retirement visa is an inexpensive way (only a fee of 200 euros in Europe is payable to the Brazilian consulate) to be able to stay full time in Brazil, contrary to the request and obtaining the investor visa who asks for a substantial contribution of funds, fee payments in Brazil and commitments of activity over time.

To spend all or part of his retirement in Brazil does not, strictly speaking, bring tax advantages. You will have to choose to pay your taxes either in Brazil or in your country of origin. However, the cost of living in Brazil, which is significantly lower than that in France according to the regions, makes it possible to maintain an excellent standard of living, not to mention the remarkable quality of life, unanimously recognized in Brazil.


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