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Services in the Region of PORTO SEGURO in BAHIA

 YOUR project becomes OUR, but be careful ...

We accompany you in your project, in your research, in your purchase and in all the formalities for your installation in Porto Seguro in Brazil. We bring you choice help and an assurance of objectivity and lasting relationship.
Based on our long experience, we decided to put our know-how and our knowledge of Brazil at the service of foreigners who want to set up quickly in Brazil to invest in real estate by realizing the purchase of land, buying of a house, the purchase of an apartment or the purchase and / or creation of an activity or business and to live there full-time or only all or part of their vacation or retirement.

Your project becomes ours. But be careful !
Moving abroad, for all or part of the year wherever and in Brazil perhaps even more than anywhere else, is an engaging act that requires a strong commitment and a real will. Those who believe that this is done alone, as many vendors will tell them, are wrong. Even with strong help, you really have to take ownership of your project and follow it throughout. Adapting to a new language, a new culture, a new climate, to administrative procedures other than those we know requires a strong will. Even by being with you, we will not be able to do everything for you!

Brazil is a wonderful country, but you have to deserve it!


We accompany you throughout your process.
We bring you more than 15 years of knowledge and practice of Brazil.
We save you time!

services in the region of PORTO SEGURO

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 YOUR project becomes OUR project, but be careful ....

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