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To Establish in Brazil

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Why to settle in Brazil ?

Brazil is a huge country with a very buoyant domestic market by its size and the nature of its population (more than 200 million inhabitants) and where the reduction of inequalities is a reality thus contributing to the emergence of a new class of consumers. Despite the economic and political crisis in this continent, Brazil is still a great emerging country, with undeniable assets with abundant natural resources (oil, gas, minerals, hydro-electricity) associated with dynamic industrial sectors, skills mobilizable and a proximity of modes of thought.
Brazil remains a country of opportunities and always strongly courted with many segments in full expansion: new technologies, multimedia, real estate, tourism, ... The city of São Paulo has just been labeled "French Tech Hub", by the Prime Minister's Services, recognizing the quality of the Brazilian ecosystem that is favorable to the development of new technologies, the creation of innovative companies and innovation.

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