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Assistance and Support in Brazil

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We are a support company, not a real estate agency or a promoter. We work in partnership with the owners and real estate professionals of the region of Porto Seguro (real estate agencies, builders, developers, etc.), lawyers and accountants that we present to you and with whom we accompany you in the steps of installation, purchase or rental.
We assist you and accompany you by making you benefit from our long experience in Brazil and Porto Seguro in particular, which makes us meet many buyers, not always happy because of their experience.
To rely on a single interlocutor who will promise you wonderful things to sell to sell his unique product is an obvious risk, because it will only show you only the good sides that can enhance its product. And the rest is often a disappointment when one discovers the reality. To make the process of discovery and instruction alone in an unknown country is impossible in a few days.
We propose and present you various types of products as well as various formulas of acquisition. We also make you meet buyers who can share their experience. Thus, you can choose the most appropriate formula for your project in full knowledge.
We have no interest in you buying more than one product or another and so we are objective in the choice of products and formulas that we present to you. The selection of products presented on our website is not exhaustive and the properties are specifically sought according to the project of the buyer.


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